Saturday, 23 April 2016

Look What I Found ..... A Long Play Cafe

Today I stumbled across another wonderful find ,  under The Tyne Bridge , next to Popolos , the Long Play Cafe. This place is gorgeous , it does coffee , cake on settees and couches , with retro record players from RPM , wonderful wall art , Bowie and The Beatles caught my eye and they sell second had vinyl , T-Shirts and other music..

They have an Anti Record Store Day wall display . When I asked them about this they told me that to participate in Record Store Day you have to pay a £300 registration then commit to buying NEW vinyl every month. If you deal in second hand stuff that's an overhead you can't justify. Record Store Day started out as a celebration of independence but it's turned in to another commercial troughing.

The Cosy Corner, Beatles , Bowie and Patti Smith

Anyway  apart from everything I've mentioned they put on gigs , serve food, sell very reasonably priced vinyl (I resisted the Prince picture discs), I bought a copy of Genesis' Lamb Lies Down on Broadway , just so as I could read the libretto.

It was great chatting with staff and visitors , lots of people had just discovered the place like me.

Really it's worth a visit if you like good food , good company , good atmosphere , comfy chairs and vinyl , 7" and 12" , black , and other colours and picture discs.

Back In NYC is one of my favourite songs so it's an excuse to play it

The Lamb Lies Down on Vinyl and CD for comparison

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