Friday, 20 May 2016

Burn The Witch

Looking art the weather outside this morning , bright sunshine and dark clouds , which could symbolise hope and fear , good and bad , but luckily taking an umbrella with me should be enough contingency to protect should the elements turn unfavourable.

It amazes me that we are in the year 2016 and still anything that doesn't fit the desired model is deemed to be undesirable. Sometimes things have to fit the the model , utilities need to function , transport needs to run ,  etc . I do get that , but sometimes , when we're outside daily life the best things are the things that don't fit what you expect.

The media and governments expect us to  watch soaps , consume what they tell us , and behave as they want us to , in order to maintain their own positions of power.  The media tell us that one political side is trying to take us back fifty years (when is was the norm to aspire to buy your own house and anything you want) and the er wants us back in Victorian times , with a slave underclass and a ruling class unanswerable to no one but their own greed.

Burn The Witch
So basically these days if you don't conform to the norm often you are treated like a medieval witch and are a target for the ire of the media led masses.  So I am happy to include the video for the Radiohead song "Burn The Witch" with it's Camberwick Green / Wicker Man hybrid .... though watch it to the very end. I have ordered the new album.

Anyway it is Friday , it's nearly weekend,  and things are looking good.

Have a brilliant day.

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