Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Clouds and Blue Skies - May The Fourth Be With You

A very short post today . Something I noticed last night. Clouds are probably the the biggest things that we see everyday . The affect our lives , blocking the sun and cooling us down , raining on us , distributing water, colours from black to white with sun influenced shades of red.

Very often I will see an amazing cloud formation and seconds later it has gone , and really sometimes life can be like that. If you don't take the opportunity when it's presented it's gone. Cloud's are the epitome of that , especially on a windy day. The number of times I have looked for a better perspective and then lost the image is countless, however because of what I have lost , and the fact I carry a phone that can take a decent photograph I can now capture images that previously would have just existed in my memory,

The Sky Last Night
So I'm going to include Clouds by Joni Mitchell and an excellent TED talk on the joy of watching clouds. It's a sunny day here.

Oh and it's May The Fourth - Star Wars Day ... but I wouldn't write about that would I?

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