Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Did You See?

January 2017 has just left us. In this connected world I don't have to tell you what's been happening, bad things have happened but hopefully this is a kick up the arse that we needed and the world will do something about it. I'm not being specific because I don't need to be.

The thing is we need to do good and be good make that the norm. Make life better by doing something to actually make it better. Yes this sounds nebulous, and I do find it difficult when misogynists,racists and bullies are tolerated , encouraged and rewarded but they are also setting themselves up as targets. They can be shut out. Don't excuse their behaviour.

Anyway February is here and in this post I haven't really mentioned anything, good things are that I am listening to Come On Over by Royal Blood on 6Music, I am dressed and ready for work and probably seeing a good friend at lunchtime.

There are lots of events and fun things coming up, which I intend to get involved wit, you do the same and start a brilliant February.

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