Friday, 12 May 2017

Stepping Into Space

I'm still ahead of the game on the Million Step Challenge and I am managing at least #ATuneaDayinMay musically. Today has been a grey day, but there wasn't any rain where I was, so I managed another 13K steps. That was helped by a working app and a walk into work this morning and a walk up to Wildflower for lunch and the back to work.

This weekend I may fall off a bit as I have two of my good friends Andrew and Glen geting married , although that is later in the day so I need to get my walking done early.

I have just tried booklet printing on my Canon Printer to print a copy of The Hawkwind Log to go with my vinyl copy of  "XIn Search of Space"  by Hawkwind. Some of the print is small , but for an original copy you would pay upwards of £50.

So it has to be "Master of The Universe" just a simple riff , six minutes of space rock to take you into your heavens , loved this as a teenager and it's a perfect song because anyone can pick up a guitar an play it, with only the most rudimentary musical knowledge.

Time for me to hit the sack, spacemen.

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