Sunday, 3 June 2018

The First of June

On the one hand I've been lazy with blogging this weekend, but have seen five bands attended two gigs, seen a few friends, been to a Steampunk Fair seen a demonstration cum lecture on dueling and  now written two posts on Spoongig.

Some of the costumes I've seen have been amazing, and I was quite surprised to come out of the Sick'n'Beautiful gig on Friday with no apparent detriment to my hearing. The bands, especially Bad Pollyanna were very loud and heavy.

Then I enjoyed some dark folk at the new Star and Shadow on Saturday, and have made a good start to walking for the month of June.

I was listening to "The Yes Album" and it still sounds wonderful although the actual lyrics make very litlesense in their attempt to be confusingly meaningful , beut that album is still one of my favourites with some great keyboard power chords from Tony Kaye. The opener "Yours Is No Disgrace" just hits me with that massive guitar sound , and that "starship Trooper" and "Perpetual Change" make the album. The only duffer on the album is "A Venture" but you are fine listening to it because you know what is coming next.

Steve Howe's "The Clap" is and impressive live guitar instrumental, and "Your Move"  contains some of the only sensible lyrics on the album when the band appropriate John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance". I've include "Yours Is No Disgrace" from "Yessongs", it's all about the music, some good images but sometimes their lyrics can be almost painful.

Anyway time for bed now, hope you had a good one too.

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