Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Into Everville

Having finished and re-enjoyed "The Great and Secret Show" by Clive Barker I have now picked up the follow up / companion book "Everville" to revisit / reread. Reread? I certainly don't remember any of what happens in the first sixty pages, and while my memory is not that great, I am getting the feeling that I bought this and never read it , because I was reading something else when I bought it. The intro vaguely reminds me of the Hell sequences in "Preacher".

I have an idea of some of the characters who may come into this and after "The Great and Secret Show" I am not sure if this runs in tandem or as a prequel of sequel though it is described as "The Second Book of The Art" .  So I may provide you with updates as I wander through it.

Weatherwise it's very dreich , but I managed to hit my steps for June despite leaving an 11K daily target (which I often exceeded).

Totay I have been listening to the Urban Dance Squad , and having your collection digitally with a reasonable play set up makes it easy to listen to . I'm finding BBC6 Music becoming pretentiously cliquey with a lot of the music being very bland (or sometimes mindless techno - which is fine in the right place - but not for an hour or two in the afternoon) . Having said that Urban Dance Squad or hardcore Dutch Hip Hop but also very listenable, "Deeper Shade of Soul" shows them off brilliantly.

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