Thursday, 16 July 2020

Never Been To Everville

I'm halfway through Clive Barker's "Everville" and now know I've never read it. It is still a big surprise that this has happened , the book has been in my possession for over ten years and I never thought I hadn't read it. I am glad I finally picked it up , but then you start wondering if there are any more like that, though I look at the books and usually something comes to me.

Yesterday I had my annual diabetic review and booked the time off work , prepared to leave the house , picked up the reminder letter and halfway down  were the words "THIS HAS BEEN REARRANGED AS A TELEPHONE APPOINTMENT" , and I was looking forward to the walk to the hospital. So I could continue working but had to appear as out of office as I didn't know when I would get the call, but it did come and all was well, with a face to face call being arranged around December.

This week I haven't once hit my 11K steps target and am not sure if that's affecting me, I'm still up on the month and certainly had much worse weeks but did 6K steps this morning , so I should be able to hit my target today  , but will see what I feel like after work.

The music I have gone with is "Checkin' It Out" (because of my letter, it's always good to check things) by Van Morrison from the excellent "Wavelength" album, Van Morrison is responsible for some amazing albums "Astral Weeks" and "Moondance" being a pair of his finest.

"Astral Weeks" has been described as one of the finest rock albums ever , unusual in that all the instrumentation is acoustic, and "Moondance" is reckoned to be even better. They are both on my permanent playlist.

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