Thursday, 31 December 2020


It's the last day of 2020 and 2021 is already going to be worse for 99% of the UK but that's what they voted for. The USA is trying to dislodge it's incompetent leader while the UK and it's media eulogise their idiot.

Weatherwise it's just very cold, at one point hitting -4⁰C , one flurry of snow.

It is hard to keep positive although I saw my granddaughter this week and her parents and that was really nice.

Postal borders reopened so my backlog of Discogs sales are on their way.

I have been working from home , so listening to a lot of great music as usual.

You can always find positives in any situation and I am going to share one of my favourite ever songs which I was sort of shocked by when it came out. The melody and sound is just so off kilter but it is great and it surprised me because "Cold Blue Excursion" was by Ray Dorset , mutton chopped leader of Mungo Jerry. I found a decent Youtube video for you to enjoy , not to everyone's taste but I like it

So now it's time for work , and this is my final post this year , which has averaged about four posts a week. We shall see what happens in 2021

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