Saturday, 26 December 2020


In my last post I was saying that my most played record this week had been "Remember" by Shambeko! Say Wah! and yesterday in my Youtube wandering I found and explanation for the many band names of Pete Wylie. Although this is nowhere near complete here are some that I have found by perusing the track listing of "The Handy Wah! Whole" and other sources:

  • Pete Wylie
  • Wah! Heat
  • Wah!
  • Shambeko! Say Wah!
  • J.F. Wah!
  • The Mighty Wah!
  • Pete Wylie and The Oedipus Wrecks
  • Pete Wylie and The Mongrel
  • .. and many more
This morning I woke up and "Remember" was playing in my head , it is that great a record. If you watch the live take above you will see Pete giving his explanation with examples including Pink Floyd , Fleetwood Mac , Ultravox! (who also have an exclamation mark appended to their name like Wah!) and The Labour Party.

Pete is responsible for the greatest song about Liverpool ever which is "Heart as Big As Liverpool" and that is closely followed by "Does This Train Stop On Merseyside" by Ian Prowse (it's worth checking the documentary on this) but I found a great front room live version with Damien Dempsey of this which you can watch below.

So this is my start to Boxing Day , hpe yours is good to

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