Thursday, 28 January 2021

Hopping In Puddles

Today is my dad's 86th birthday and he's still going strong . The problem is the older you get the less there seems to be to get you for your birthday. Personally I don't feel I need anything , and struggle to think of anything that I want. Maybe getting older means socks become acceptable. I got my dad a mug with a pictures of the world's oldest in use post box , as he is very interested in post boxes having installed hundreds.

Today I was out walking and the snow has gone but has left lots of big puddles and a couple of girls pased me and ended up traversing several , which I circumnavigated, and then remembered that the glascially beautiful "Hoppipola"  by Sigur Ros is Icelandic for "Hopping In Puddles" and it does sound like that's what it could mean.

It was used as the theme to David Attenborough's BBC series "Planet Earth" so I will share that with you on this very brief post.

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