Saturday, 16 January 2021

Walking On Thick Ice

The weather has curtailed my walking. It is cold . It has snowed and turned to slush and them frozen , then rained and then frozen again , although the sun is now out and seems to be melting snow and ice. The temperature is up to 6ºC so nowhere near the -5ºC of the other day.

When walking , it's like you are on a think sheet of  ice that crumples underfoot so you are not skidding all over the place , although very often the cleared areas get a film of very slippy black ice.

A lot of the snow is gone but we shall see what tonight brings.

Musicwise I took delivery of a couple of 12" singles of "America:What Time Is Love?" by The KLF although I've seen a picture disc version but £40 is too much for me to pay. I shared a few plays on my Instagram Channel here. The record player I was cajoled into buying by Marek from RPM  has been one of my most impressively joyous purchases that I have made (you see it a lot on my Instagram feed)

I will share with you with the excellent "Walking On Thin Ice" by Yoko Ono (with John Lennon on guitar) as it fits with the current weather

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