Wednesday, 21 April 2021

If You Don't Know Where You're Going ... Any Road Will Take You There

This morning is 7 degrees and it's cold it's feels like -4 degrees band you know sorry I'm just having a very very brief walk out I feel less pressure now that I've reduced my daily target from 11000 steps to 6000 steps. I’ve now  dropped the million steps and  I feel like I can turn around and go back at any time which is good because I'm still walking still going out but it's great when you can do something to remove pressure

I have decided that my talking does not leave a generally readable post, so I may use it to capture ideas , but not to actually produce stand alone blog posts.

I wasn't intending to post today but I shared an Instagram meme and and it was Alice in Wonderland with the Druggy Caterpillar on the mushroom and she was asking which road she needed to go down and the Caterpillar said “well where are you going?”

Alice says “I don't know where”

and the Caterpillar says “Well if you don't know where you're going any road will take you there”

On double checking , what I thought was a druggy caterpillar is actually a pink Cheshire Cat glowing in a tree , absolutely the right sort of person to take advice from.

Now I'm not too sure if this is a definite “Alice in Wonderland” /  Lewis Carroll thing but the first time I heard this was in a George Harrison song which is “If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there”. 

It's one of my favourite George Harrison songs I love it so I now need to investigate whether it was Lewis Carroll whether George Harrison actually made it up or where we actually find it found it

With a little web research I have discovered it was the Cheshire Cat , not the druggy caterpillar that was credited with Lewis Carroll’s words , so that is obviously where George Harrison to his inspiration from.

Now the other thing is that Lewis Carroll stayed at , and has a room named after him in my favourite hotel , “La Rosa” in Whitby and I have stayed in the “Lewis” room which looks across the river to the Abbey , where Dracula came ashore in the Bram Stoker novel.

So in this post I have accidentally managed to connect George Harrison , Lewis Carroll , Bram Stoker by way of a Cheshire Cat and Whitby Abbey. I’m sure no one expected that , and I certainly didn't.

Back to the walking and writing though ….

I have actually finished this using Google Docs which seems to be faster than Microsoft Word and is certainly very handy. I use Google Sheets to record my steps so I amd used to the Google Office suite and it is more than efficient.

One of the things I've noticed is that when things on Vocal is that the minimum post is  600 words, and my blog posts tend to be about 300 words . When I was doing it by talking the day before yesterday I did  about 1200 words and yesterday was 800 words so talking actually sort of gives you a lot as you to do a lot more than typing.

The problem is that after you've typed you then have to really edit it so I'm not too sure whether this comes out of the readable but we shall continue on doing this and as I say this was not planned but it means that while I'm actually walking I can actually blog as well.

I don't believe in giving yourself unnecessary pressure so no that's just about it now I'm gonna finish this post here but you and the music is going to be obvious . It’s the George Harrison song. 

I hope you managed to get something from this and everything in it is well worth investigating.

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