Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Writing While Moving Again


Ok yesterday was first time in a long time that I've used my voice to actually write a blog post and I realise that I say the words “and you know” and lots of things like that with my normal conversation.


It seems that when I actually stop it then does a new paragraph so that's something else that I've actually learnt while doing this. So if I keep speaking continuously I just get one long stream of text which I then obviously take home and put it into my word processor to to punctuate it


So this looks like it may be potentially I could actually do my blog posts. I can be a bit more disciplined in it because now I know that when I finished speaking if I pressed return that's a paragraph and obviously it's not just one massive text like I had to do yesterday.


It's looking like a definite option so will be publishing this today after I've actually tidied it and I've got everything in there


One of my problems yesterday is that I was talking and not looking at my phone and this actually meant that couple of times I would think it was recording and it wasn’t. I would come to the end of something and then I had to think whereabouts I was, what I needed to say, how could I continue so but again it's like anything you've just gotta learn how to actually use it to your benefit


In the middle of this I am walking along Fenham Hall Drive and the pictures and the sunrise look quite I don't know vaguely impressive but vaguely threatening as well. Hopefully I will put in a link to this into my blog post but I am quite happy with what's actually coming out of this and think that tonight's editing will be a lot easier than yesterday's. Also going to publish it on Vocal as well which they'll hopefully put on there and hopefully somebody will read it.


It’s quite impressive capturing things you want you want to record, and yes it's easy to actually type but it's a lot easier to speak. I much prefer talking to people on the phone or you know on a video call then actually writing a text or an email.


Right I am now walking down towards St James and St Basil's and they describe their garden is an oasis of calm. I like walking down there in the morning so it's just a great start to the day it means I've got a bit of walking in and I'm ready ready to  hit the day


I've decided to drop my million steps every 3 months target it's just because I've been doing it for so long. I will still do at least 5000 steps a day which is basically more than 2 miles a day but so there is a slight target there, but it means I will have more time to do other things I enjoy.


So that's I'm going to wrap this up now. I always put a piece of music in to accompany my post but it's more about doing the writing so we will see what this looks like when I finally publish it tonight.


Last week I was listening to a “Best Of” Talk Talk so we sill go with “It’s My Life” from that album to accompany this. My apologies if a lot of this doesn’t make sense of sounds like someone who can’t even string a sentence together. It’s still very experimental and I am am still learning have to use this to it’s best advantage.


Generally when you type you are fully in control , but when you are dictating to software it is making a best guess at what you are saying so you have to edit it. So that’s another step. We shall see if I can do anything tomorrow.


Who Knows.


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