Saturday, 23 October 2021

Still Belling The Cat

I am a slow reader but am halfway through "We Are Bellingcat" by Elliot Higgins, and it is absolutely fascinating

The Bellingcat organisation are a group of individuals who's main modus operandi is minute attention to detail in order to ascertain the truth in the case of War atrocities. They are experts in nothing but the extreme high accuracy of their work has now made them a goto organisations for Police Forces and governments.

They are attacking the obfuscation of the governments behind the atrocities with far less resources that  the people they are now actually supporting. Every war attrocity is a target for them and they are now worldwide.

I know I am telling you nothing about what they do , but just get yourself a copy of the book and be genuinely shocked and awed. Bellingcat have turned investigative journalism upside down.

The music is The One World Orchestra (effectively the KLF) from the first Help album for Warchild.

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