Sunday, 9 January 2022

Becoming Infinite Like A Rolling Stone

I usually post on New Years Day and New Year's Eve but due to my writing being more diverted to Vocal this has become generally a commentary on the books I read. I have just finished  Fiona MacDonald's "Vampires, A Very Peculiar History" and it was thoroughly entertaining, far more engrossing than I expected, and also great fun.

I picked up an ebook from a Vocal friend Soleira Green called "Becoming Infinite" and although short, I loved the format and got a lot out of it, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their vision of the Universe. The link is below.

Paper wise I picked up Greil Marcus' "Like A Rolling Stone" which I am finding difficult. It is written in an almost Dylanesque fashion and jumps back and forth in time and I am not sure what the final destination is, but it is not so bad that I won't finish it, but maybe one for the Charity Shop.

I am not sure if you are aware of my writing on Vocal but these are a few of my stories if you would like to sample them:

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