Tuesday, 5 April 2022

To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Decagon Key

After my operation and stay in hospital I haven't been writing much, so this is just an update on my current reading.

On paper, I am revisiting the first "Riverworld" book by Philip Jose Farmer  "To Your Scattered Bodies Go", which, though it was written in the sixties touches on so much that that is relevant today with religion, resurrection, racism , anti Semitism , and the history of the world in general. I wrote a high level piece on the series here if you want to investigate further, but halfway through this first book, it has me hooked once more.

Digitally I am reading "The Decagon Key" a book of short stories co=authored by my Vocal friend SJ Covey. All the stories so far have featured some kind of key and I will be leaving a review on Amazon when  I have finished, but I am a fairly slow reader, and at the moment, a slow writer, but you can get yourself a copy or sample it via the link below. So far I am really enjoying it.

Today's Music Choice - River of Dreams - Billy Joel

As with my Vocal piece I will share this wonderful Billy Joel song with you.

Mike Singleton - Vocal Stories

I am not sure if you are aware of my writing on Vocal but these are a few of my stories if you would like to sample them:

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