Thursday, 5 December 2019

What To Say

Sometimes you just have nothing to say, although that's not quite true, because if you say you have nothing to say then you are actually saying something. I am quite aware I have set myself a target and need to average eleven posts every nine days to hit, so it's hardly an impossible task, like say the Twelve Labours of Hercules.

Today is a particularly grey day and after yesterdays wonderful waterfall walk which was great countryside and chatting with some great people as I walked, often overtaking them, then lagging behind them as I took video and photographs.

Today I lunched with my dad at The Talbot and had turkey and pigs in blankets pie (here on Instagram) and learned about him "avoiding" National Service by going down the mines, sort of avoiding being run over by a car by diving under a train. We were talking about lift mechanisms and he said that the lift wasn't lowered , it just dropped and scared the hell out of him until he got used to it. That would have really done my head in.

Another thing was a comment by a Royal Mail manager who said if you want a job doing get Michael Singleton to do it. It's funny that a number of people I work with say they ask me do do things because they know it gets done quickly. So we obviously have a few common traits.

So what music should I choose for this one, on Tuesday at Skipton Sound Bar I bought a few 12" singles , one was "Naked In The Rain" by Blue Pearl. For some reason the song or band meant something to me, maybe it was one my girls liked but when I played it I didn't recognise it, but it is rather good electro dance, so definitely worth sharing with you, in the M-People / toned down KLF universe.

Wednesday, 4 December 2019


It's strange how we often have an aversion for paying for things that we see as just there. I thought that about the seven pound entrance fee for the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail, but this is some buildings and a lot of paths, four and a half miles of them, that is a hell of a lot of maintenance, and well worth every penny of the entrance fee.

I was impressed with the village of Ingleton , came to the Waterfalls Trail and walked past the closed cafe / gift shop then through the gateway which reminded me of the entrance to Jurassic Park (on a smaller scale and no dinosaurs)  and finally got to the entrance and paid my way and started on my way round.

Although it's only four and a half miles a lot of that paths are very rocky so you need to be careful and sure footed. Eventually you come to the first waterfall and it is worth the effort. You can see some of my video on Instagram here. Although I had plenty of time, the bus back was due at one, and the next one was at three so I was trying to move fast through the final part of the walk  but could have slipped easily and fell into the river, but kept on my feet and got the bus which was waiting at the stop.

If I'd missed the bus Ingleton was full of interesting places and may be due a future visit. Also it is heavily featured in the Michael Moorcock book "The Skrayling Tree".

So some appropriate music would be "Waterfall", at first I thought by the Stone Roses, then decided to go for the 10CC song, originally the "B" side of "Rubber Bullets" but later released in it's own right.

Send Me A Postcard

Today I intend to do the Ingleton Waterfalls Trail , I've been coming properly to Settle but only came across it when I also found Scalebar Force last time and so thought it would be worth doing it for  a morning as I do like walking in nature.

Although I don't go abroad these days (I hate queuing, I hate airport check ins, and I also hate driving so always take the train when practical.

Ingleton is a twenty minute bus journey away, and featured heavily in the Michael Moorcock book "The Skrayling Tree" so I'm not sure if any landmarks will show upfrom that book.

Anyway I switched on 6Music and Lauren Laverne (ex Kenickie and went to school with my eldest daughter Juliet) was playing "Send Me A Postcard Baby". Now this is a record I know very well and love but I seriously don't know how it got into my mind-library, and it was only this morning I found out it was by Shocking Blue, more famous for their more famous but more mundane "Venus".

So that's the one we go with today.

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

The Eyes Have It

For some reason this song title has mean going through my mind.As far as I know it's a one hit wonder (actually it's not Karel Fialka had another hit with "Hey Matthew" which my mum loved because it reminded her of my nephew) and while it is a decent pop song, very rooted in the eighties (not necessarily a bad thing) , and I probably have a copy of it.

The thing is the title got me thinking of how impressed I am with how contact lenses work, they're flexible plastic , stick to your eye (sounds horrible when you have never had to do it but becomes very easy and natural once you get the hang of it) and sometimes they don't go on properly but then slide round until your vision becomes perfect. How amazing is that,it does amaze me every day.

So this post gets this out of my head, and allows me to share this song with you,I know it's fairly short, but that's the nature of a diary you write what you need to.

I said that I had to do 46 posts to hit 366 for this year but this is post 331 so I only have 35 more to do, so that's probably about nine thousand words which is less than I expected.

So I'll leave you with "The Eyes Have It" by Karel Fialka which is almost impossible to track down is physical or digital form these days.

Monday, 2 December 2019


There are lots of ways to instantly connect with people today and most of the time it is instant only determined by whether who you are connecting with are not doing something else. Tonight in Settle I saw an impressive sunset which I shared on Instagram and therefore Facebook and my eldest daughter saw and loved it.

Sharing photographs with friends and sharing them with the world can introduce you to more people and potential friends. Although I lose count of the amount of social media options that we have, but as a kid my options were phone call, letter writing and face to face and that was about it.

I have friends in Scotland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, The USA and Canada and probably lots more countries, and now the ability to instantly contact most of them if I should want, and they can contact me, and this option is open to anyone who embraces digital channels.

We can still write letters and call via landlines, and face to face is still the best way to communicate and is my preferred option.

On the blogging front I'm hoping to hit 366 posts by New Year's Eve ,if I don't do it this year I probably never will. I know I used to post some one line things but now I tend to do 250-300 words per post so that's going to be eleven thousand words before the end of the year, though if I could start writing the novel I want to write I would be producing that many words a day at least.

So what song should I share with you? Given that we should treasure our past and embrace the future I'm going to go with "Five Years Time" by Noah and the Whale which I love every time I hear it.


Humphrey Bogart is the only person I have ever seen who could light up a cigarette and still look cool. This might be an odd intro to a blog post but it is highly relevant as it's inspired by the book I am reading, "On Some Faraway Beach" the Brian Eno biography by David Sheppard.

It is just talking about the first Roxy Music album , and although the songs mostly follow the standard rock time 4/4 time format with solid rhythm (the longest vowel-less word I know) backing from Graham Simpson and Paul Thompson most of the songs don't contain standard choruses. I'd never really noticed it before but it is true , and if you have a copy listen to it and if you haven't got a copy get one.

The closing song on the album is Bryan Ferry's wonderful tribute to Bogart, "2HB" (nothing to do with pencils) but it is a great song and I just wanted to share that this frosty Monday morning.Ferry also did a solo version so I will share that, the song and the soundscapes and sentiments are so perfect.

"Here's looking at you kid 
Celebrate years 
Here's looking at you kid 
Wipe away tears 
Long time, since we're together 
Now I hope it's forever"

Sunday, 1 December 2019

To Make You Feel Good

I'm lucky enough to be on holiday in one of my favourite places, Settle, and thanks to the internet and technology I can share time and pictures with all my friends all over the world.

Today has been relaxing wandering around Settle , down to the Ribble and up Castlebergh Crag sharing pictures and generally feeling good knowing that I can share all this with my friends.

The cake was well and truly iced when I switched on the TV and the film"Local Hero"w as playing, one of my favourite feel good film, which has a perfect Mark Knopfler soundtrack which is an album I never tire of. The album reminds me of the film and the film makes me feel good and it is good to share these things with friends.

Also I handed a found wallet in to the local police station. It looked like it had been stolen and emptied but it had photographs which may have been important to the owner. The lady police officer looked and said I know those children I drop it into them, so that made me feel good.

We should appreciate all the things that make use feel good and try our best to do more of those things.

So for this first post in December I'm going to go with Mark Knopfler's "Going Home / Wild Theme" from the film "Local Hero". If you haven't seen it .. see it and get a copy of the soundtrack.