Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Killing In The Name Of ... The X-Factor??

I must say I tittered more than once when I saw the Facebook Group "Rage Against The Machine For Christmas Number One" , which wants "Killing In The Name" as Christmas Number One to ensure that this years's X-Factor winner , Joe McElderry, doesnt hit number one. There are quite a few flaws in this, which are in no particular order:
  • While I have every respect for Rage Against The Machine , they're not exactly the embodiment of Christmas Spirit.
  • RATM are the current number one (at this point in time 16th December 2009) but Joe McElderry's single The Climb is not released til next week and is only 30p on Amazon!!. The Facebook group membership is about 750,000 worldwide while the X-Factor audience is 15 million in Britain alone . Thats a quarter of the population.
  • If you're a RATM fan why don't you have all their albums , especially their eponymous debut?
  • RATM are on Epic . Joe McElderry is on Syco (appropriate contraction for Simon Cowell's Label) . Both these are part of the Sony empire so whichever you buy , Sony profit!!!
If you want a proper Christams number one go for Holly Golightly's "Christmas Tree On Fire" or The Muppets' "Bohemian Rhapsody"