Friday, 14 January 2011

25 Years Old - Now It's Banned In Canada!

25 Years after it's original release "Money For Nothing" has been banned from Canadian Radio because of a single complaint. Don't get me wrong , I detest the record , although like some Dire Straits , but it's like when Ronan Keating changed the words to "Fairytale of New York" to make it palatable for American TV.

It seems the moral minority get their way because they make a noise . It's just plain ridiculous . Here's part of an article about it:

"Classic Dire Straits track Money for Nothing has been banned from public broadcast in Canada – after receiving just one complaint 25 years after its release.

The global hit single came out on the band’s iconic fifth album, Brothers in Arms, in May 1985 and won a Grammy for best rock performance the following year.

But the original version included the word “faggot” referring to homosexuals, and although a cleaned-up edition was made available, Oz-FM in Newfoundland played the first edition in February last year.

The result was a single complaint – but the self-regulating Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has upheld it, and no outlet in the nation can now play Money for Nothing the way Dire Straits intended it to be heard."

The full article is here.

And here's the song in all it's 80's awful glory!!

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