Sunday, 23 January 2011

Rail Companies to Solve Overcrowding By Price Hiking

Excuse me . This is the article about this idiotic piece of government profiteering here.

Normally when demand outstrips supply, any sensible organisation increases the supply , and therefore increases it's profits. There are a small number of markets where this doesnt apply (One off concerts , precious stones , etc) , but in the case of transport , running more frequent services and purchasing or hiring more rolling stock is a very viable option.

But no thos lazy feckers see it as another way of profiteering from the masses. So they price people out of living in the cities , increase fuel duty to price them out of driving to work , and now they're going to price people out of using public transport.

So Cameron how are those essential , but low paid maintenance staff going to get to work? Oh I forgot , it doesnt matter as you're going to make them all redundant and wait for the private sector to pick up the slack when you abolish the minimum wage.

Unbelievably idiotic.

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