Friday, 7 January 2011

HMV - Will They Still Be Here Next Christmas?

HMV and Next have reported major disappointing results because of the snow. One thing I cant understand is that they sell CDs for as little as £2.90 delivered . How do they make a profit on that? Yes it's great for the customer but you cannot have most of your sales being loss leaders.

It 1975 my Job Seekers allowance was £3.25 . I bought "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd in its black shrink wrapped package for £3.25 . If we take job seekers allowance as a measure that would me that your average new CD should be around £60 !! So when a new album is £10 you shouldnt even think about not buying it.

Anyway Rhino do a series of Original Classic Albums for around £12 delivered that you can get from HMV here or from Amazon on the carousel above . If your not careful you'll only be able to buy the latest X Factor output from your local supermarket , be warned!!

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