Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ed Alleyne Johnson - Legend

I was in Chester today , thought I'd wander round and see if I could find an independent record shop. They have an HMV but so does everywhere else. Anyway, heard The Who's Baba O' Reilly playing , but it sounded different. Turns out it was a street violinist , and he was amazing . On closer inspection noticed he had a CD for sale , then noticed the name. Ed Alleyne Johnson of New Model Army fame , as well as a slew of amazing solo albums, Ultraviolet is part of my collection.
Ed Alleyne Johnson - Superb

Had a crack on with him , bought the new CD Arpeggio. then took the video below. There's a lot of his stuff on youtube, but if you get the chance see him, if not buy the albums, Enjoy!!

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