Saturday, 14 May 2011

Modern Music Is Rubbish

Or is it? I buy and listen to a lot of music and people tend to regard the stuff they get into between the ages of 14-18 as the classics. I've for the opinion that 95% is rubbish whenever you listen to music , and the 95% is usually the staple of local / commercial radio . However I was sort of surprised to see there's currently five albums released which I have to buy. Two of these are compilations , so I don't know whether they count , but what the hell.

Having said that we've already had "Let England Shake" by Polly Jean Harvey , and awesome album musing on war and it's consequences , then Noah and The Whale's "Last Night On Earth" a superlative album about coming out of the heartbreak of a break up , Wire's "Red Barked Tree" whic is , well classic Wire , purchased from the amazing Folk Devils in Whitby .I can't comment on the new albums but think that everyon in this list is worthy of your attention , all on the carousel at the top of this post. Listen and enjoy , and I reckon that music is still as vibrant as ever:
  • Let England Shake - PJ Harvey
  • Red Barked Tree - Wire
  • Last Night On Earth - Noah and The Whale
  • Catching A Tiger - Lissie (2010 but just found it )
  • Rome - Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
  • Let Them Talk - Hugh Laurie
  • Essential - Martin Carthy
  • The Good The Bad and The Dread - Dreadzone

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