Saturday, 28 May 2011

Georgio was Italian and Marilyn Likes Greggs Pasties

Just picked up this months Mojo and was surprised to learn two new facts.

Firstly Marilyn Manson is a fan of Gregg's Pasties !! The purported quote is "What's that place in England , Greggs. They make the best pasties" . Don't know if they get pastie in America , can you imagine Greggs getting Marilyn to advertise . Though the natural projection is Homer Simpson - "Mmmmm Pasties".

The second is that Giorgio Moroder is Italian!! Always assumed he was German with a surname like that, and the fact that he worked out of Munich and was far more influential than the oft namechecked Kraftwerk in the spread of electronic pop music. How influential was Donna Summer's "I Feel Love":

on his own "From Here To Eternity":

And he even did Kiss!!

I rest my case....

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