Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas , 911 , The Gulf Wars and Good Will To All

On 10th September 2001 I landed in Mexico , on the 11th The World Trade Centre was demolished by suicidal hijacked jet airliners. These events precipitated the second Gulf War , and gave George Bush and Tony Blair and excuse to cause carnage in the gulgf and send our soldiers to their deaths in the name of freedom, which seemed to mean curtailing our own freedoms to keep us safe from the latest bogeyman Al Quaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

Anyway This caused me to take some notice , after all this war was played out on television for all to see and was scarily weird because all Bill Hick's routines about the first Gulf War were eerily pertinent to the second!

Q: How do you know they got weapons of mass destruction?
A: We got the receipts !!

Thanks for that one Bill

Also I didnt realise till that point that both Christians and Islam worship the same God!! Their main prophet was a different guy , Islam had Mohamed and the Christians have Jesus, so what the hell were the Crusades about.

These days it's the fundamentalist few who screw it up for everyone , at this time , well all the time you should "Be Nice" , "Love Your Fellow Man" and the world will be a better place . Look out for each other , stop worshipping power and trying to control others and the world will be a better place despite what the Dail Mail and Express tell us.

All my Muslim friends enjoy Christmas and join in , and if Diwali means I get nice stuff and get to enjoy myself with friends then thats a great thing!! All the restaurants have Christmas menus regardless of origins yet politically correct left wingers say we cant mention the "C" word for fear of offending others. Christmas offends no one but idiots

It's a week before Christmas but we who are Ok should enjoy ourselves , count ourselves lucky and help others if we can. Be of good cheer and may your God go with you , even if He is Richard Dawkins!!!

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