Monday, 30 January 2012

Weekend In Harrogate

Never been to Harrogate before and the first thing you realise (if you go by car) is that there is too much traffic for the roads . The white line down the middle is merely a guideline to centre your car on . You cannot hesitate or you will cause a traffic jam (calls to mind the great Bill Hicks sketch). Once you get there park up , then walk or taxi everywhere. The photo gallery from the weekend is here.

Bay Tree Guest Housr
Based at the Baytree guest house means that you are  within walking distance of the town centre, although if it's raining taxis are always an option. But the walk is well worth it to take in the magnificent houses

Harrogate is expensive , but theres obvious big money about, and it is chock full of great restaurants, most of which you need to book at . We passed the Imperial Chinese and it looked basic to say the l;east but it was rammed with people .

Visited Jinnah Indian Restaurant  on the first night and the Chicken Chaat starter was a meal in itself. We booked , went for a drink to Bed (see below) , and when we came back Jinnah was rammed . they were catering a 16th birthday party as well as numerous other gatherings. It's also loacated in an old church making it a very impressive place to eat.

Then had an excellent meal at Graveleys fish and chip eaterie during Saturday , followed up with vegetarian "Magic Mushrooms" at Bed (Burnsey Eat & Drink) on the night. The staff at Bed are really friendly and the food is excellent . While waiting for food we were treated to Bruce Springsteen's Seeger Sessions album which shows they also have excellent taste in music.

Sunday was the last day and we ate our mid day meal at William and Victorias , which provided huge amounts of excellent food and very reasonable prices , then finishing up at Betty's which is very expensive , but it has to be done and the staff and surroundings were perfect.

The Montpelier Quarter of Harrogate is worth exploring from a point of seeing the buildings and being home to the excellent Montpelier pub.

On the saturday sayw this guy busking outside Hoopers , he is awesome:

I've forgotten loads but will be back there again, later this year.

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