Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Vinyl Solution on The Move

Market Place
App in Action
I was reading Mojo this morning and came across an article detailing an app for iPhone or Android that will give you the address of your local vinyl retailers (records not wallpapers) in the UK , Europe and the USA , apparently in has about 600 outlets listed. You can track down the app on your phone market place and there's more information on their website here.

Now an app for vinyl is to me about as innaproppriate as a chciken omelette (which I wouldn't turn down) , because your average person who listens to music on their phone doesnt even know what they are listening to , because it's on shuffle or it's a Spotify or Last.fm mix channel , but it will be useful to people who DO use their phones and are trying to track down that rare Erasure 12" or Rosebud's 1970s album of Pink Floyd covered for the disco!!

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