Saturday, 25 February 2012

Some People

I often listen to Brian Matthews' Sounds of the Sixties and love the fact that the only criteria is that it was a hit or released in the sixties, meaning you can get the sublime such as Jimi Hendrix , Led Zeppelin , The Beatles or Beach Boys , to some absolute rubbish  which has been erased from my mind. But listen to the show and you will hear what I mean.

One of my bugbears is certain peopel who will write in and say something loke could you play "Step Inside Love" by Cilla Black , it's my favourite ever record and my copy melted when left on  a windowsill in the sun and I've never heard it since !!  Brian now sends such ignoramuses a CD copy of their favourite record (which no doubt they'll microwave as soon as they get it) , but most of the time records are readily available in one form another if these people can be bothered to leave their front room or phone their local HMV. The apathy and lethargy of some people amazes me.

Seventies - Not what was required

Then I noticed this for a review of a CD on Amazon:
"I was hoping this would transport me back to the 70's, but many of the songs I remember from the seventies, were not on this album, I was a little disappointed. Sorry to say it's put away in a drawer!"

The album has a tracklisting , didn't they bother to look before they ordered?

Some People ......

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