Saturday, 11 February 2012


Saw this Daily Mail headline in the newsagents this morning. I thougt , has David Cameron done a Henry VIII and annexed the priories again , after he does need to fund his mates bonus payments. But no , it it's usual disregard for actual factual reporting , the Daily Mail was screaming about these two incidents:
  • The council at Bideford have been stopped from saying Christian prayers at Council meetings, something that has gone on since the middle ages !! Well pardon me , what have Christian prayers to do with council business? And just because something has been going on for a long time does not make it sacrosanct. I would be very uncomfortable if I had to say prayers in a meeting at work , unless I were working for an eclesiastical organisation. This is not an attack on Christianity , but a reflection of our multi cultural society and the separation of religion and government , nothing more than that.
  • Secondly a Christian B&B owning couple have lost their case to discriminate against gay couples by not allowing them to use their B&B. This not anti Christian but anti bigotry . Simple as that.
The Daily Mail again shows blatant disregard for facts in search of a headline.

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