Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Art of ..... Knowing What You Are On About

A few days ago I posted this on facebook:

"In my e library I have The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Heart of Darkness by Conrad, Origin of the Species by Darwin so why do need to Facebook?"

My friend Josie replied , wittily:

"because the Art of War will take you weeks to read/fully digest and Facebook takes 10 seconds to realise there's nothing interesting happening...."

So I thought I should at least dip into it , and this is what I have found:

  • It's a slim voloume , 50 to 60 pages depending on translation or format
  • It's not really a book , more a reference manual of bullet points on how to conduct a war
  • You can read it in one sitting , but it will take a lifetime to understand
  • It is full of points that relate to everyday life
  • It makes you think
  • It is easy to read
  • It's out of copyright so you can download the ebook for free
 So thanks to Josie I have read the book and will be re reading it . It is remarkable and sensible and my version was remarkably easy to read. I suggest you get a copy now!


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