Saturday, 2 June 2012

Would Jubilee Vit? - A Campaign To Get Minnie The Moocher To Number One For The Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Well the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend is here , I'm fairly neutral about the Royal Family though the Charles is Ok . The Queen has outlasted five Popes and is looking suprisedly fine for her age and I reckon that she willl outlast her mum.

Lot's of people are dissing the Royals while taking advantage of the various bank holidays generated for events such as this. I seriously think the most misguided is the attempt to get the Sex Pistols "God Save The Queen" to Number One for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee . The record is 35 years old , and it's quivalent in 1977 would have been trying to get Louis Jordan  or Cab Calloway to number one , though I think Minnie The Moocher would be a worthy Jubilee Number one.Download it here and Make it the Jubilee Number One!!

If you are going to protest , do something new and different, Rage Against The Machine hitting the christmas number one has a lot to answer for , but the face that Amazon were selling the download for 29p may have helped.

Anyway enjoy the Jubilee Weekend , there's pleanty happening. On Monday there's "Dishonourable Subjects" at The Stand in Newcastle, billed as

"A gala evening of comedy and music to mark the head of state being unelected for 60 years. We’ll be taking the piss out of the Royal establishment. Proceeds to local charities." with Gavin Webster, Anvil Springstien, Tony Jameson, John Scott and special guests. SO I'll be toddling along to that.

Also happening is the Newcastle Green Festival , the fact that it's raining should make the grass even greener!!

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