Thursday, 31 May 2012


Well this completes my goal to post to the blog every day in May

Twice today people have commented very positively on the Samsung Note. It has been superceded today by the Galaxy SIII which is slightly smaller.

The first was a charming lady at the Techno Tea Party who was asking questions about email. Then she got her phone out because the ringer was too quiet. The vokume was adjusted when someong rang. I got mine out and she was very impressed and forgot all about hers. Anyway I rang her,  adjusted her volume and showed her how to do it.

She loved the keypad on mine and was very impressed with the Amazon Kindle App and the fact I downloaded Bram Stokers Dracula very quickly. I think she might be upgrading very soon.

My Note compared with with works Galaxy S
Next was the ticket collectir who was wondering about it but was wary of the size. I told him you do get used to it, but he was still botheted about fitting it in his pocket.

The size of the Note has caused more guffaws than a Carry On film,  "Ooh look at the size", "It's rather large", "Will it fit?".

As yet I think its brilliant negating the need for a tablet as well as doing everything a pone should do and more. Here's the promo for it:

A slight addendeum , it makes a great e-reader but the Amazon Kindle App wont import ebooks (the real Kindle does) , so I had to install Aldiko that does allow imports so my phone now has a huge library on it as well

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