Sunday, 24 March 2013

Like A Big Company

I'm not really surprised but I do find it annoying that Facebook keeps prompting me to like a big company because some of my friends have liked it into order to get fed into a free draw to win something. I don't "like" any big companies , they are just a fact of life and if they can help me get something I want then I will use one of them.

The only certain thing is they are all competing for the money in your pocket. Some offer you loyalty cards which helps them track your spending even better so they can target you with things you are likely to buy. They want your email address , phone number , postal address in the hope they can use the knowledge they gain to take even more money from you.

That doesnt mean I have to like them , I just tolerate them . I haven't mentioned any because to may have your favourite and you will definitely see them if youi are on facebook unles of course you use Adblock.

I installed it , but ironically my main websirte is based on adverts and it cut out a lot of stuff I needed to see . The website is Song of The Salesman. I disabled the rather excellent ad blocker. It does make Facebook look very spacious!