Monday, 21 July 2014

A Post About Time (with a tenuous nod to Bowie)

Recently I've had an abundance orf music and great weather, found a watch I've been looking for for more than ten years and been enjoying some great weather. My temperature reading alarm clock says it's 25 degrees in the house and it feels very humid.

i-tol left - Beuchat right
The watch is a Beuchat and using a clever analog design of two gradiated (is that a word?) discs to tell the time. I got it from this lot off Ebay. I loved the i-toc which is a clever analog design but always thought the Beuchat was way cooler and cleverer, but both are very cool as you can see.

Though I can't find my watch on their site, I sourced mine from Italy via Ebay.

I suppose it's appropriate I use David Bowie's "Time" (a live version to soundtrack this.

So basically all is good, though I really need some sleep and this heat is not really conducive to sleeping well, but I will see how I go.

I hope you are all having the greatest of times so I will leave you now and let you get back to enjoying yourself.

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