Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What Should I Say? - The Red Book!

There weather's nice and there is nothing much happening , so whatever occurs in thi spost is just going to be a stream of consciousness outpouring inspired by "The Red Book" by The Penguin Cafe now being steered by Arthur Jeffes son of the sadly missed Simon Jeffes. The music is unmistakably Penguin Cafe and is absolutely joyful and awesome at the same time.

Always loved this music somewhere is an alternate universe between instrumental folk , classical and somewhere else , recalling Terry Riley and Michael Nyman in it's use of simple repeated motifs to build a complex and beautiful tune. How pretentious does that sound , but it is very good and would an enhancement to anybody's music collection.

So I did't know what i was going to write about and end up writing about the CD that I'm listening to to give me some inspiration so that I can actually write a blog post. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing but I've done it now and I am thoroughly enjoying the album.

Here's a description of the album from Amazon:

Product Description:

The Red Book
The catalyst for the new recording came about when Arthur Jeffes worked on a project with the International Space Orchestra and NASA Ames in 2012, out of which came the pieces Aurora and 1420, which have since been beamed into space as part of NASA's Kepler project. These touchstones marked a 'satellitic' beginning for a new album, a collection of songs that would then return to earth to undertake a rich, cross-continental, musical journey.

Arthur Jeffes explains:

 "The intention was really to create musical pictures and colourful soundscapes, channelling music and traditions from around the globe, but then possibly set through a more English filter. The first album, I think, was about establishing our own sound and identity, dusting out and re-opening the Cafe so to speak, but with The Red Book I think this is a grand new departure and ambition to sonically chart an imagined journey through the world and across the globe. I guess this would be the map of that idea."

Do you know why albums are called albums, it's because when sheet music was sold , collections of tune were sold collectively in physical albums and the name stuck.

Anyway hope you are loving the brilliant weather and enjoying the opportunity to relax, we are half way through the working week now, unless you are a teacher and we know for them the work never stops, you should a

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