Friday, 4 July 2014

Today IS Independence Day (In The USA)

The alarm went off, I'm showered , the sun is shining , it's my friend Alison's birthday (on of the birthdays I can remember even though it's over 40 years since I first met her!), and tonight I hope I feel as good as I do now so I can go and see my mate Jim's band The Deputies, which I keep meaning to go and see and then act like an auld git and don't get down there. Live music is brilliant and every band who plays a live set should be congratulated.

Found some footage of them playing the Queen Day last year so you know who I am going to see.  Jim by the way is a huge Queen fan , so much so  he got a credit on the first Queen Video compilation DVD.

Independence Day USA
So I've written nothing about Independence Day, and used Bruce Springsteen's song in my last post, but I supposed that just shows how easily I get distracted, although I though the film of the same name was rubbish.

Hope everyone has a great time , all over the world,  it's a great day , and fantastic precursor to the weekend, and I am looking forward to it.

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