Tuesday, 10 February 2015

On My Radio

Some mornings listening to the radio can actually lift you day. I've just heard that all the good weather will be in the North East, which is where I will be today and also I've heard an old record  "Too Tough To Die" by Martina Topley-Bird which is absolutely amazing , very reminiscent of PJ Harvey who is one of my favourite artists.

I'm going to have to check my digital library to see if I have the record , the problem is with over 80,000 songs , manually searching is not really an option. I do find it amazing that in 2015 so many organisation still use paper as a method of storing data that they need to search.

But anyway it turns out I don't have the record so that will have to be tracked down soon.

I know this has been a short post but given my outpourings yesterday I think I can be let off.

Anyway it's time for me to get off to work, so everyone have a good day today/

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