Monday, 23 February 2015

World Book Night 2015 Is Almost Upon Us

Dead Man Talking
I can't believe it's four years since my first World Book Night. Then I had 50 Copies of  Philip Pulman's Northern Lights. This year it is 18 copies of Roddy Doyle's  Dead Man Talking , so one of my tasks is to finish my current book and read this before I give it away so I can appear knowledgeable about it. I always read the book I'm giving away and it's always good to engage with people about it and hopefully either get people to start reading or to restart their reading.

Thinking about this has just reminded me of one of my favourite TED talks about the joy a book can bring , better than any film or play or TV episode because books use and trigger your imagination.

Here is the World Book Night site and a list of this years books. It's on Thursday 23rd of April which is William Shakespeare's birthday and for 2012 and 2013 I wasn't sure why the day (not the date) changed each year. It's also a charity funded campaign so if you want to help click on the button
below and donate a little cash.
WBN 2015
That was the second bit of good news , the first being that I have been offered a position of a Systems Analyst, which will be another excellent challenge as well and keeping me off the street. So anyway it's time for bed as I need to get up tomorrow to do seven and a half hours looking for jobs ..... Oh no I don't !!

SO I suggest you watch the TED talk and buy a copy of the book as it;s a quick read and will only cost you a quid.

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