Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Springing Into June on The Coast Road

The last couple of days has seen some of the most mental weather for a long time , blue skies , rainstorms , high winds , hot sun . Yesterday I was sitting in work and one side of the building was in bright sunshine and the other side looked like snow , but was slow falling rain.

Also yesterday was feeling remarkably disoriented and demotivated by the evening , just coming home and going to bed. I haven't a clue why this was. There was a thing at work where I was told I was doing something wrong , when in fact I was just doing something that no one had thought of before and saving a couple of hours of drudgery. The rest of the day was really positive as well, I am loving all aspects of the job and life at the moment , maybe I'm o/ding on happiness , I really REALLY cannot complain.

The Coast Road
This morning I'm looking through the window as I write this at blue skies , white clouds , green trees and bright sunshine and tonight will be going to to see The Coast Road (the band not the tarmac construction). I looked for them on youtube but the main thing that came through in the feed was the beautiful acoustic piece "The Coast Road" by Stuart Ryan. I've never heard of the buy before but this is absolutely amazing. This means I will definitely go to see them tonight at the Tyneside Bar and Cafe and tell them about this.

It's quite amazing how good  things can happen that you don't expect and this is another one for me.

Have a good day.

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