Sunday, 21 June 2015

You Can Always Find Something Good

There's a few things over that last couple of weeks have happened to me that have not been good experience, and too often that often leads to people blowing their top , feeling miserable , getting angry. Sometimes , for some people they deal with it by doing whatever they want to do , the worst examples being red top readers and daytime television viewers. I tend to be exasperated, and find something more positive to focus on. It's not the answer for everyone , but it's the way I deal with it.

There's been loads of good things happening , including getting some nice presents for Father's Day , of course i couldn't get in touch with my dad as he tends not to answer his phone , but I saw him last week and sent him a card.

The sun is shining and weather is good , and a good friend turned be on to Eddie Skiba, sounding like a more muscular Crowded House with a touch of Midnight Oil , with some interesting videos available on Youtube. You should really check this guy out , the music is great and he definitely has social messages for everyone.

SO although the weekend is coming to an end there's just another great week coming up to enjoy.  And when you see things like the image below , you just gotta smile .

Crime Fighting Minions

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