Friday, 19 February 2016

Good Time , Good Times

At the moment I seem to keep running out of time to do things. This morning I can't remember if I took my insulin , but can't risk overdosing. However things are great in life.

There is lots to look forward to and lots to be positive about and really wish I didn't have to sleep then I would have enough ours to actually do what I want to do. Then problem is the body demands sleep , rest and recuperation , and that is good ,because when rested you are ready to go and deal with the next thing that life throws at you.

Anyway the other thing is that it's Friday , and the weekend is coming up , but the next three weekends are going to be very busy for me.

I am telling you that things are great and that things are busy without actually telling you anything , does that make me a politician?

Anyway I am going to start my weekend  by dealing with certain things , enjoying time with certain people and wishing you , all my lovely friends a brilliant weekend. I have been listening to Malcolm McLaren a lot this week so you get "Boys Chorus" from Fans , I love this , the cockney talk over that heavenly chorus:
All Work
No Joy
Makes Mac
A Dull Boy

Remember that this weekend

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