Saturday, 13 February 2016

Lazy Month

This month I have done very little writing on here , although this post means I've avereaged one every four days on here , and if you include the two on Spoongig then it's one every two days which is hardly a drought.

It's February , the day before Valentine's day and a 29 day month with means that girls can propose marriage to a guy they fancy , though it's hardly a resounding implementation of sexual equality. If you want to marry someone you can ask them any time , whether it's the 29th of February or any other day of the year they can still say no. And you can still have a great time without marriage . If it's right for you fine , if not they are lots of things that can bond people together , such as love of common interests , and sharing new ones . Sometimes marriage can seem like a lock down meaning you don't have to try anymore , whereas a relationship should be continual trying and working at it.

Please Don't Touch

This is getting far too serious for me , so really there can only be one song for this and it's HeadGirl's "Please Don't Touch".

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone , I love you all.

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