Sunday, 19 June 2016

Fathers Day and Dexyfication

Father's Day is one of those made up things to con you out of money in the form of cards meals and presents... but ... we can always turn these things to OUR advantage , which effectively me and my wonderful daughters did.

We did lunch in Bar Loco on Friday which was a first for them and is now a definite favourite with them as well. If it hadn't been for Fathers Day we may not have met up this soon but it provided the impetus and we met and talked and had a great time. Lots of smiles and hugs and I got a copy of the excellent new Dexy's album that is playing as I write this. So all in all a great day.

My Dad with Me at Morecambe Long Long Ago
The weekend has been relaxing with lots of catch up TV.

Today I have phone my dad three times but not got in touch , although he'll get his card and presents

These days are maybe commercially and cynically motivated , but we always have the option to make them out own and make something good out of them.

Also this week this post on Spoongig here got some major hits which made me happy.

I love the Dexyfication of Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" from the new album with is why I've included it here , the album is excellent as well.

I hope you had a great day today whichever side of the fence that you were on, I hope you are rested for the coming week , which will no doubt be excellent, well it will be for for me

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