Saturday, 25 June 2016


Well we are out of the EU. An old guy yesterday said it was a beautiful day because we were out of the EU and he was  free , free as a bird. Some people said they didn't realise their Leave Vote would actually count... that's how voting works!

Drop Outs
I probably feel even worse that when the Tories got their majority, but like all advertising campaigns the Leavers hit more voters than the Stayers. While the margin was narrow for such important decision , that was basically the criteria and we have to abide with it. Somebody said Democracy was where you always go with the majority decision until it's not the result you want.

Lots of people are asking for a second referendum but what they are really asking for is for the result to go their , like Dumbledore in Harry Potter awarding Harry's team extra points so they beat Slytherin. It ain't going to happen and it shouldn't happen

I just hope the country realises what it has done done and turfs this Government out at the first opportunity.

I know this is not my normal sort of post , but I hope we can steer ourselves away from the cliff that we are heading towards with the country drifting further to the right.

Which is why I chose PIL's Disappointed as the song for the post

Try and have a great weekend.

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