Monday, 13 June 2016

Smile Please

Smiling makes you feel better . You may feel you have nothing to smile about , but do it and something good has happened. You smiled. And That's good , so you can smile again. A smile causes the release of the same endorphins as a bar of chocolate, without the calories.

At work there are three people who ALWAYS have a smile on their faces , they raise my spirits and I'm sure they raise others spirits. I also know that these people have not had the easiest of times but they have found happiness and spread it around , making others happy.

If you smile people tend to smile back and then you raise each others spirits and they day gets better. Whatever you are doing gets easier, you get inspired , you work better and you just do better.

There are those who don't return smiles and you cannot force people
to be happy, but the more people who do smile , well they can spread it to the ones who don't think they can smile.

I've included OK Go - This Too Shall Pass , cos that WILL make you SMILE . :)


It's Monday night so I want everybody who reads this to smile at as many people as you can tomorrow. It will make your day and their day far better.



You will love it and people will love you for it.

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