Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Doing Things By Halves

Today I hit half a million steps three days before the half way point in this challenge. I didn't doubt I would be able to do this but some days getting started is a slight chore. I think it's improving my diabetes, possibly making me a bit fitter. I've reduced my insulin by 20% and blood sugar readings have improved. Weight seems to still be hovering around 105 Kg (roughly 16.5 stone) which is a damned site better that the 123 Kg( 19.3 stone) I was at my heaviest. I still need to trim 30 Kg so am still a total lardy person, but it gives me something to aim for.

I still love chocolate and fish and chips, but don't indulge in them every day, maybe I should fast more, as that is another way to reduce the need for insulin, but I am enjoying the walking and I have gone through winter with it, so I am sure that, even after the Million Step Challenge is over, I will still maintain at least 10K steps a day, which is around four miles.

I know I've not written for the last few days, even though I've meant to, and I also have another #LikeNoOther song lined up, but today, there can only be one song, and it's a classic from the band everybody hates to love, Carter USM one of my theme songs "Sheriff Fatman". Sleep well my friends

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