Saturday, 3 June 2017

Listen If You Dare

Well it's late for me. I started this before the journey south and am just picking it up now. Have had an unsuccessful search for a disused railway line which actually may be a lot closer than I thought, finally got to eat at Helmsley Spice, which I was very impressed with, and have started the holiday just missing out on my 11K steps, though I did drive down here.

I am very glad to see some of the country starting to think about who they want to govern them next week and have been very very impressed with the slick and professional attitude of Labour as opposed to the shambolic mess of the current government's campaign.

I can see a lot of walking this week and I want to hit 30K steps in a single day, that will be about 12 miles so we shall see if I can hit that many. I won't be distracted by work so there is a small chance that I might be able to do it.

I'll bet you will be glad when I finish the Million Step Challenge. I will be, but I will find something else to aim for.

I sometimes wonder who reads this, I know I have a few regular readers, as they leave comments, but I wonder if the majority are sponsored and government robots checking to see if I am a threat to national security or their sales figures. Paul Nuttall would probably want me locked up for visiting Helmsley Spice or if I mentioned ISIS, or said that I sympathised with Yemen who are being targetted by British weapons.

But it's late Saturday Night and it's the fiftieth anniversary of the release of Sergeant Pepper which Liz Kershaw devoted her show to today which you can listen to here for two weeks. She ran a poll to choose the nation's favourite track from the album and of course it came out as "A Day In The Life". Now I think it would have been a nice anarchic touch to play The Fall's version or The Residents' "Beyond The Valley of A Day In The Life" both of which I will include for you here.

Liz kept listing all the tracks on the album which highlighted to me that "Revolver" and "Abbey Road" are far better albums. OK goodnight and listen to these if you dare.

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