Friday, 2 June 2017

Here Comes The Weekend

Well today it rained, but I still managed to walk into work and take some videos of a vaguely disturbing area where there is a fenced school and fenced housing. It's almost a Ballardian dystopia and you can check it out here . It is probably all very pleasant but as I said in the last post, "Eden Lake" has left it's mark on me and this is reinforced by Ballard novels such a "Running Wild", "High Rise" and "Concrete Island".

I have managed 14K steps today which is about 5 miles, no great shakes, but it keeps me ahead of my game and this weekend I expect to his 40% of my Million Step Challenge. The thing is you don't realise how many steps you take in normal everyday life , but having said that as soon as you start watching it , the step counter seeps to grind to a halt.

The thing is I find gym's , exercise regimes, and atrict eating regimes incredibly tedious. Having said that I do prefer vegetarian / vegan meals to meats though I am fine with  dairy, eggs , cheese and fish. I knwo some people will boak at me for that, but I like eggs and fish, not all the time , but sometimes.

Anyway the weekend is here for us all to enjoy , so what better song that Dave Edmunds' "Here Comes The Weekend".

Sleep well my friends.

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