Friday, 20 October 2017

The Only Two Lou Reed Songs You Know

Still reading "David Bowie:A Life" by Dylan Jones and obviously Lou Reed features fairly heavily. I think Bowie produced his first two albums, the second of which was the very successful "Transformer" which always struck me for the male/female Reed representations on the back cover.

Lou Reed Transformed

Someone said that everybody only knows two Lou Reed songs:

And they know the first for Herbie Flowers brilliant bassline that he got paid £30 for and managing to
get the line about "giving head" past the BBC censors, and the second for the Children in Need version that was released featuring everybody in the world.

As you know my memory is rubbish and I realised I didn't actually know many Lou Reed Songs myself despite having a lot of his albums. Apart from the two about these are the ones that I can think of (And I'm not including Velvet Underground songs which I am fine with), but I'm wondering do Lou Reed songs not stick with you ? Here's the ones I can remeber:

And that's about it. "Berlin" I think had a title track and "Metal Machine Music" was just Part 1 - 4 (a contractual obligation album of beeps which I was surprised RCA released.

So How many Lou Reed songs do you know. I'm going to include the back cover of  "Transformer" so now I can see some of the songs I've forgotten, and I think I know wht I forgot some of them.

Anyway it's Friday, the weekend is here, so have a great day.

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